CDAC: Community Development Advisory Council

The New England Community Development Advisory Council for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston was established to:

(1) Provide a forum for representatives of community development organizations from the private, public, and non-profit sectors to:

  • Inform the President and Board of Directors of activities, issues, and barriers to community development in the region;
  • Advise the President and the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston on ways in which the Bank can be of assistance in support of community development efforts in the region;
  • Discuss opportunities to facilitate communication between the sectors that encourages effective use of community development resources in the region.

(2) Serve as a mechanism to convey to the broader Federal Reserve System, indirectly through the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, perspectives on community development to which the System should be sensitive.

  • Membership
  • Meetings
  • Current Members


Membership on the Council will be representative of the various sectors and geographic areas involved in community development and would include, but not be limited to:

  • Banks
  • State and local government
  • Foundations
  • Community Organizations
  • Academic Institutions, and
  • Private non-profit and for-profit developers

The total number of members will not be limited, however, it is recognized that a group of 10-15 would be most conducive for effective discussion. With the exception of representatives from the Banking industry, Members will serve a three-year term, although the President of the Federal Reserve Bank may increase or decrease the term limit as circumstances warrant. Representatives from the largest banking institutions will serve a one-year term.


Meetings will be held three times a year. While most meetings will be held at the Federal Reserve Bank, reasonable efforts will be made to hold at least one meeting annually out in the District area site, which would permit a review of community development efforts in the area. Agendas will be developed jointly by the Council members and Reserve Bank staff. The Reserve Bank President will designate the Council Chair and the Deputy Chairperson. All travel expenses will be paid by the Reserve Bank in accordance with Reserve Bank travel policies.

2014 Meetings

April 7, 2014

Agenda pdf

Presentation: Children's Savings Accounts pdf

September 23, 2014

CDAC Regional Forum (New Hampshire)

December 8, 2014



2013 Meetings

December 2, 2013

Agenda pdf

September 9, 2013

Strengthening New England's Rural Economies
2013 Regional Convening

March 25, 2013

Agenda and Discussion Questions pdf

Orientation pdf

2012 Meetings

December 17, 2012

Agenda pdf

The New England Economy: On the Verge of the Cliff pdf
Presentation by Jennifer Weiner

September 24, 2012

CDAC Regional Forum - Massachusetts

May 29, 2012

Agenda and Discussion Materials pdf

March 19, 2012

Agenda and Discussion Questions pdf

Orientation pdf

2011 Meetings

November 14, 2011

Agenda pdf

July 18, 2011

CDAC Regional Forum - Connecticut

March 7, 2011

2010-2011 Listening Tour Summary pdf

Agenda- Orientation pdf

Agenda- Meeting pdf

Current Members

  • Eric Rosengren
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
  • Richard Walker (Council Chair)
    Senior Vice President and Community Affairs Officer
    Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
  • Adrian Bonéy
    Grants Program Manager
    Rhode Island Foundation
    Term Expires: December 2016
  • Luis Caban
    Center for Latino Progress
    Term Expires: December 2014
  • Glenn Davis
    Vice President, Community Development Officer
    Liberty Bank
    Term Expires: December 2014
  • Laurie Lachance
    Thomas College
    Term Expires: December 2016
  • Pamela (Pam) Laflamme
    Community Development Director
    City of Berlin, New Hampshire
    Term Expires: December 2016
  • Cheryl Fatnassi
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Opportunities Credit Union
    Term Expires: December 2014
  • Terence Floyd
    Vice President-Affordable Lending Manager
    People’s United Bank
    Term Expires: December 2016
  • Benjamin (Ben) Frost
    Director of Public Affairs
    New Hampshire Housing
    Term Ends: December 2015
  • Kristen Harol
    Vice President
    The Life Initiative
    Term Expires: December 2014
  • Jennifer Hawkins
    Associate Executive Director
    Olneyville Housing Corporation
    Term Ends: December 2015
  • John Moore
    Senior Vice President and CRA Officer
    Bangor Savings Group
    Term Expires: December 2014
  • Thomas (Tom) Phillips
    President & Chief Executive Officer
    Capital Workforce Partners
    Term Expires: December 2016
  • Brenda Torpy
    Chief Executive Officer
    Champlain Housing Trust
    Term Ends: December 2015
  • José Luis Rojas Villarreal
    Senior Loan Officer
    Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation
    Term Ends: December 2015

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