Educational Publications

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston issues a wide array of educational publications designed for schools from elementary through college levels, and for a variety of adult audiences including business groups, bankers, community organizations, consumer and social service professionals. Topics range from basic economics and monetary policy to banking and currency.

Banking Basics coverBanking Basics
An overview of the banking system, including checks clearing, currency circulation, methods of payment, electronic banking and the role of the Federal Reserve
Coins and Currency coverCoins and Currency pdf
The history of American currency, from Columbus to the Information Age.
Historical Beginnings coverHistorical Beginnings...The Federal Reserve
History of the U.S. banking system from 1789, the banking problems of the 19th century, and legislation that led to the formation of the Federal Reserve System
History and Spirit cover"History at Your Fingertips" and "Spirit of the Nation" pdf
The evolution of paper currency in the United States, focusing on the different themes depicted on our bills
Liberty and the American Eagle cover"Liberty" and "The American Eagle" pdf
About the two emblems that were the hallmark of our early coinage
Wishes and Rainbows coverWishes and Rainbows
Comic book depicting the economic problem of scarce resources, various methods of allocation, and how societies react to alleviate such problems
image of brochure coverThe Consumer Financial Emergency Survival Kit
Basic helpful guidance and resources on a broad range of consumer financial topics
updated in May 2012
En español
Closed for the Holiday coverClosed for the Holiday: The Bank Holiday of 1933 pdf
About the events leading to the collapse of American banking in March 1933 and the federal efforts to restore public confidence
History of Colonial Money coverHistory of Colonial Money pdf
About the evolution of money in the Colonial period, including wampum, "country pay," foreign and domestic coins, bills of credit, and continental currency (with short glossary)
The Ledger coverThe Ledger
An economic education newsletter for teachers, school administrators, and the general public
Discontinued in 2014
Panic of 1907 coverPanic of 1907 pdf
How the failure of one commodity speculator in October 1907 triggered a nationwide bank run
Road to Roota coverRoad to Roota pdf
A teachers' guide designed to accompany the comic book Wishes and Rainbows